Why Choose NetSuite ERP?

Why Choose NetSuite ERP?

Cloud-based ERP systems are the way forward. Offering an extraordinary range of advantages for small, mid-size and enterprise businesses, their benefits fan all across the manufacturing and supply chain process. No matter which industry you operate in, a cloud-based ERPlike NetSuite offers customized solutions to best suit and evolve with your business needs. So, if you haven’t already invested in a NetSuite ERP system, then here’s top 10 reasons to opt for it. 

  1. Safe haven for business data

Data security is of utmost priority when it comes to choosing a cloud ERP system. NetSuite offers several layers of security backups, is monitored by dedicated professionals, and regular/automatic security system updates, that takes care of all the security woes.

  1. One system for the entire business

NetSuite integrates your CRM, Human Resources, Inventory and Warehouse Management, E-commerce systems in one complete suite. This single integrated system across the organization takes away the hassle of sourcing, installing, and managing disparate systems and integrating them. Employee productivity and financial reporting and close times also improve significantly, with overall consistency in business operations. The time and money saved with an all-encompassing cloud ERP system is considerable and can be easily used to focus on profitability and deal with more pertinent business matters.

  1. 360-degree business view

NetSuite renders a holistic understanding of your business, with real-time automated reports and analytics. Through the NetSuite dashboard, you can easily access key performance indicators like accounts receivable, forecast, items to ship, sales, orders, etc. anytime and anywhere, resulting in faster decision-making.

  1. Scalability

NetSuite grows as your business does. If your team size grows, all you need to do is add additional users to your subscription, as against managing a large infrastructure overhaul. For vertical and global expansion, adding additional vertical and location-specific modules in your NetSuite ERP system makes the job super convenient.

  1. Easy Upgrades

NetSuite offers bi-annual upgrades, keeping your software updated with fully secure and the latest features.

  1. Customizable

NetSuitecustomizes and extends to adapt to your specific company and industry requirements for personalization, business processes, and best practices. It also enables you to build entire applications hosted within NetSuite through SuiteApp.

  1. The Multi-Effect

NetSuite supports multiple currencies and multiple languages. For businesses involving multiple subsidiaries under one roof, NetSuite provides for that too. It also enables companies to be truly multinational, eliminating the need to have separate on-site ERP systems for each country and uses one integrated system across global locations.

  1. Pricing

NetSuite enables users to choose and license only those modules that they need. This results in a considerable reduction of costs and user empowerment.

  1. Process Efficiency

Empowering users enhances productivity and leads to innovation. When users can themselves change the way things work, without depending on someone to get things done, business processes become more efficient. And NetSuite supports just this. A recent study is a testimony to the fact that moving to a central accounting system with NetSuite accelerates financial close times by 20-50%.

  1. Enhanced Collaboration

Constant communication with clients and associates is key to improving service delivery. NetSuite ERP offers a platform for collaborating around projects, financials, and core responsibilities, ensuring that clients have access to and are updated with relevant business information and are satisfied at all times.

NetSuite has been a game-changer in the ERP world. A robust cloud-based ERP software, NetSuite gives you all these above-listed benefits and much more. At NetDynamic, we are an Official NetSuite Alliance Partner that assist businesses with NetSuite implementation and administration services and help grow your business.

Now that you know why NetSuite is best suited for your business, get in touch with us to implement NetSuite, watch your business transform, and be the game-changer you wish to be in your industry space.

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