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    NetSuite Applicant Tracking System

    NetSuite Native Applicant Tracking System With Exceptional HR Experience

    ATS 360 is an Applicant Tracking System with a modern onboarding solution. 

    ATS 360 is a native NetSuite Applicant Tracking System that is intuitive and easy to use. Its main goals are to help recruiters and HR managers hire, post job openings, and build their own directory of potential applicants. The system will automate repetitive processes eliminating time-consuming tasks, enabling you to focus on what’s important. 

    Hiring Inside NetSuite - Simplified!


    • Increases the visibility of your open jobs.

    Allows job applications to be submitted from your website right into NetSuite.

    Automates job invitations sent to qualified candidates in your database.

    Has an easy application process to eliminate candidate drop off.

    Is mobile friendly.

    Does not require a separate NetSuite login.

    Streamlines & automates the interview process.

    Increase Recruiter And Hiring Manager Efficiency

    • Enables HR Managers to easily process applications.

    • Seamlessly moves through the hiring process.

    • Can effortlessly onboard a new hire.

    • Efficiently communicate with candidates throughout the process via email.


    Optimize Performance With Intuitive User Interface System

    • Get the full view of every candidate.

    • Optimize each hiring opportunity.

    • Confidently manage your talent pool.

    Have a complete picture of your recruiting status from submission to onboarding.

    Benefits of ATS 360

    • Intuitive interface.

    • Automate tasks to enable timely hiring.

    •Identify the ideal candidate based on key attributes.

    • Reduce hiring biases.

    • Track your entire hiring system.

    • Build and maintain high-quality talent pools.

    • Easily monitor and examine analytics to ensure deliberate hiring decisions.

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