The Dynamic Library of NetSuite Tips and Tricks

The Dynamic Library of NetSuite Tips and Tricks

Navigating through NetSuite can get tricky at times. To deal with the intricacies and make your NetSuite world easy, here are some simple NetSuite tips and tricks. Compiled by our team of expert NetSuite consultants, these tricks help unlock the hidden value of your NetSuite instance, and streamline your NetSuite operations.


NETSUITE TRICK 1 – Highlight Important Data in a Saved Search


NETSUITE TRICK 2 – Help Centre Access


NETSUITE TRICK 3 – Home Dashboard Shortcuts


NETSUITE TRICK 4 – Adding Dates in NetSuite


NETSUITE TRICK 5 – Global Search Bar


NETSUITE TRICK 6 – Color theme for NetSuite


NETSUITE TRICK 7 – Email Transactions to Multiple People


NETSUITE TRICK 8 – Customizing Business Workflows


NETSUITE TRICK 9 – Globa Search Wild Card


NETSUITE TRICK 10 – Lists and Dropdowns


NETSUITE TRICK 11 – Recent Records View

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