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Netsuite Administration

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Service Includes:

Anything Requiring Administrator Role

To provide Administrative services for all the products and resources through an expert team.

General Support

To design and implement the general structure of the NetSuite data model.

Employee Admin, Such as Add/Remove, Roles, Permissions, Access

Managing roles, users, and creating custom roles to ensure security.

Report Customization

To design and manage dashboards, report centers, key performance indicators, and saved searches.

Saved Searches and Alerts

To create and maintain custom elements such as lists, fields, forms, records, and sub-tabs.


Creating or managing workflows.


To manage SuiteScripts and existing integrations.

Form Customization, Optimization

To manage data migration from other resources.

Any Basic Set-Up or Reconfiguration

Up to 8 hrs Service/Mo including 3 hrs of Training/Mo

Updates on Product Enhancements and News

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