Job Advertising- ATS360’s Revolutionary Feature Is Here!

You are currently viewing Job Advertising- ATS360’s Revolutionary Feature Is Here!

Attracting the right candidates can be tough with all the chaos in today’s job market. Add to it the herculean task of advertising jobs on different job boards separately!

With ATS360, eliminate the manual steps and bid adieu to all your hiring woes. Automatically post jobs to multiple job boards, quickly and easily through ATS360. Cut through all the noise and reach top candidates exactly where they’re job hunting – on job boards like Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Share jobs across 1000+ such job boards and social sites in just a few clicks, and seamlessly reach top talent.


  • 1000+ job boards and social sites for job advertising
  • Advertise jobs through a single system
  • Eliminate manual processes and multiple systems
  • Reach a plethora of candidates across continents
  • Seamless application process
  • Improved tracking and reporting
  • Real-time visibility into job board performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Data-driven channel recommendations

Gain maximum value from your hiring endeavors with ATS360’s job advertising capabilities. Reach qualified candidates for your job from one system and stay on top of your hiring game.

Hire faster, hire smarter with ATS360!

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