NetSuite Industries

NetSuite as the Number 1 Cloud Business Management Suite is used by over 25,000 organizations. NetDynamic Consulting Inc. delivers on-demand NetSuite services for a variety of industries and client needs.

Dental Industry

Massive changes are sweeping the dental industry and are dramatically impacting nearly every facet of the market—from manufacturers and suppliers to private clinics and practice management groups. As competition increases, dentists are seeking to differentiate their practices from what has become a combination of commodity-based services.

3rd Party Logistic Provider

Operational complexities and rising supply chain costs introduced by globalization are quickly making third party logistics providers (3PLs) one of the most profitable sectors of the US and global economies. As manufacturers, distributors, retailers and others focus on revenue generating activities, 3PLs are reaping the rewards of an increase in demand for outsourced logistics.


The education industry is both large and diverse. Regardless of where your company or organization fits in the market, however, chances are your vision is being driven by innovation. Digital technologies are transforming traditional classrooms and connecting with a generation of students who were born with digital DNA.

Freight Forwarding

In a time marked by macroeconomic changes, the freight forwarding industry faces more uncertainty than ever. Though demand is slowly beginning to catch up with supply—alleviating the overcapacity problem—companies like Amazon that traditionally operated in other markets are now beginning to provide forwarding services, and threaten the cost structure that has long been in place.

Genomics & Life Science

Since the first human genome was sequenced 14 years ago, our understanding of disease has drastically evolved. As new technology provides the foundation for advancements such as newborn screening programs, noninvasive cancer screenings and gene editing, a growing awareness of the potential benefits of genetic testing have led to an influx of funding for R&D.


Adapting to consumers’ everchanging preferences continues to be the driving force of innovation within the restaurant industry. As customers become more informed, more connected and more particular about their needs, quick serve restaurants must be constantly thinking about how they can differentiate themselves in the market.


Today, consumers are more connected than ever, thanks to the Internet of Things and advances in network technology. While the increase in demand for connected devices means continuing opportunity for infrastructure companies, device manufacturers, carriers and all others operating in the telecommunications sector, there are significant challenges to overcome.

Health Care Service

Massive changes are sweeping the health care industry and dramatically impacting nearly every facet of the market—from manufacturers and suppliers to private clinics and practice management groups. As competition increases and the market consolidates, new organizations are courting investors, while established companies are adding new practice lines and services that propel their business forward.

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