Dynamic Managed Services

NetSuite implementations are generally scoped to provision and configure only the “must-haves” and basic functionality which is not enough for fast-paced, dynamic businesses. An additional ‘wish list’ functionality post Go-Live, makes NetSuite navigation much easier.

To help your NetSuite system adapt to changing business needs, we provide a range of prescriptive offerings with Dynamic Managed Services. Based on leading industry practices, Dynamic Managed Services adds significant value to your NetSuite system by optimizing and enhancing what you already have and adding custom solutions. With this subscription-based engagement, we cater to your most demanding business needs in a systematic and detailed format.


A Dedicated Consultant is provided, who performs a system health check and acts as your internal NetSuite Admin, ensuring it’s running smoothly and manages ordinary administrator tasks, cost-effectively.

  •  Sandbox Refresh: Updating the sandbox environment with production data.
  • Scripting Services: Deploy or undeploy scripted solutions.
  • Installing and Monitoring Bundles
  • Access Management: Provisioning role-based access management.
  • Roles Review & Edit: Manage custom roles and permissions.

Functional Assistance​

Daily enhancement services to make sure your NetSuite system works like a well-oiled machine.

  • Ad-hoc report or Saved Search: Create ad-hoc reports or saved searches as per specific and timely requirements.
  • Update Forms: Build and update custom forms and fields to capture all necessary transactional information.
  • Automated Expense Report Approvals: Creation of custom workflows to automate expense report approvals as per your company’s expense policies.
  • Automated Journal Entry Approvals:  Custom workflow for approving journal entries to expedite month-end processes.
  • Accounting Close: Assistance with monthly accounting close.

Ultimate Upgrade

NetSuite offers bi-annual upgrades. In the event of an upcoming upgrade, we take necessary steps to ensure your business continues to run smoothly, preventing potential productivity issues.

  • Release Preview Account: Testing your business process in the release preview account.
  • Assistance and Reporting of Errors: Working with NetSuite to remediate any errors found in the Release Preview account.
  • Testing and implementation: Testing to ensure new process runs smoothly and correctly.
  • Production: Successful deployment of new upgrade.

Thorough Training

With your existing employees having scores of tasks to complete, finding someone to train new NetSuite hires can be taxing. With Dynamic Managed Services, we offer instructor-led training to your employees on all the NetSuite nitty-gritties. At every step of the way, we assist them with any NetSuite hurdles and questions, making sure you have a fully-trained admin.

System Health Check​

A complete health check of your company’s NetSuite modules to identify unnecessary recurring costs without benefits.

  • Need-based Audit of your system to ensure you have provisioned exactly what you need, based on your business requirements.
  • Performance-based Audit to identify issues, assess lag and response time, and overall NetSuite performance. For instance, if the system takes longer than expected to execute a task, it could be due to several custom scripts/workflows slowing down your system.

Precise Prescriptions

Flexibility and staying up-to-date with current industry trends are critical to any business. To help you stay on top of your game, we ensure you don’t rely on archaic processes and review your current business processes to prescribe new modules or add-ons as per industry standards.

Convenient Customizations

For ever-changing business scenarios, an out-of-the-box implementation usually needs to be complemented with customized solutions tailored to your changing business needs.

  • Building a series of custom solutions, facilitating ease-of-use and saving time when executing a business process in NetSuite.
  • Creating new scripted solutions and forms to accommodate specific business requirements.


Engagement Subscription

Client opts for a subscription-based engagement, billed on hourly basis (renewable annually).

Business Process Review

Understanding your business processes and planning a roadmap for functionalities you want to add or streamline.

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Our team of NetSuite specialists build a comprehensive list of items to work on.

Hourly Bill Scoping

The client starts with 20 non-transferable prepaid hours, after which hours will be T&M. Client determines their monthly hours, to prevent overbilling and wasted/unused hours.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Review

Review progress and capture additional requirements through weekly/bi-weekly review meetings.

Monthly Activity Report

We send out a monthly activity report outlining task completion and corresponding hours used.

Dynamic Benefits​

  • Accelerate ROI and mitigate risks.
  • Timely issue resolution
  • Dedicated in-house Consultants eliminating cost of hiring expensive, full-time admins.
  • Time-saving automated workflows and systems
  • Hassle-free NetSuite upkeep
  • Business process customisation to suit unique business and industry requirements.
  • Relieves employees from training new NetSuite hires.

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