Dynamic Admin Services

Choosing NetSuite as your cloud ERP solution and implementing it is only halfway to NetSuite success. The key to successful implementation rests in choosing the right NetSuite Admin who operates as your Trusted Advisor at all times, and regularly stays on top of your NetSuite woes.

At NetDynamic, we offer a dedicated NetSuite Admin to help sail through your everyday NetSuite operations, advising on the right course of action, ensuring it runs smoothly and managing day-to-day administrator tasks effectively. All this, minus the overhead costs of hiring a full-time NetSuite Admin on company payroll, and the time taken to hire, onboard and train them, amongst other unforeseen costs that may arise.

Administrative Services

Book a Dedicated Consultant who will perform a system health check and act as your NetSuite Administrator.

We will manage your administrative tasks and ensure that you are getting the most from NetSuite. Let us give you the value you’re looking for!

Our Value Added Services include:

  • Advanced Consulting Services: We will assess your needs and consult to ensure your administrative tasks are implemented efficiently and with care.  
  • Scripting Services: Deploy or undeploy scripted solutions.
  • Installing and Monitoring Bundles
  • Access Management: Provisioning role-based access management.
  • Roles Review and Edit: Manage custom roles and permissions

Value of Hiring a Dynamic NetSuite Admin

  • Choose from a global pool of NetSuite experts and access one from any time zone
  • Save on overhead costs of hiring an expensive, full-time admin
  • Hire an admin without having to pay for compliance, insurance and other employee benefits
  • Steer clear of lengthy support emails and unheeded ticketing systems
  • Get a team of NetSuite specialists packaged in one admin, well-versed with leading NetSuite practices, protocols and methodologies, to offer robust solutions that sync with your specific business needs
  • Work with a NetSuite expert who thoroughly understands your business and has extensive industry-specific experience
  • Dedicated NetSuite Admin who stays on top of your daily NetSuite operations and follows a consistent communication path with your team
  • Prompt and proactive issue resolution

System Health Check​

A complete health check of your company’s NetSuite modules to identify unnecessary recurring costs without benefits.

  • Need-based Audit of your system to ensure you have provisioned exactly what you need, based on your business requirements.
  • Performance-based Audit to identify issues, assess lag and response time, and overall NetSuite performance. For instance, if the system takes longer than expected to execute a task, it could be due to several custom scripts/workflows slowing down your system.

Precise Prescriptions

Flexibility and staying up-to-date with current industry trends are critical to any business. To help you stay on top of your game, we ensure you don’t rely on archaic processes and review your current business processes to prescribe new modules or add-ons as per industry standards.

Convenient Customizations

For ever-changing business scenarios, an out-of-the-box implementation usually needs to be complemented with customized solutions tailored to your changing business needs.

  • Building a series of custom solutions, facilitating ease-of-use and saving time when executing a business process in NetSuite.
  • Creating new scripted solutions and forms to accommodate specific business requirements.


Engagement Subscription

Client opts for a plan-based engagement.

Business Process Review

Understanding your business processes and planning a roadmap for functionalities you want to add or streamline.

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Our team of NetSuite specialists build a comprehensive list of items to work on.


Review progress and capture additional requirements through weekly/bi-weekly review meetings.

Monthly activity report

We send out a monthly activity report outlining task completion and corresponding hours used.

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