Bar-T unlocks NetSuite’s full value with SuiteCommerce Advanced,
configured by NetDynamic.






Gaithersburg, MD


NetSuite Site Builder Module


Child Care/Education/General Services


SuiteCommerce Advanced

Company Overview

Bar-T is Maryland’s leading child care provider, offering before and after-school childcare, summer camps, and outdoor education programs through its centers, preschool classrooms, and outdoor education facilities. The company also operates a Kids Club and an infant to school-aged facility, offering child-centered curriculum and community events. Bar-T stands as one of the first few customers in the child care space using NetSuite for their business, involving high process complexity.


Bar-T’s website was built on NetSuite’s standard Site Builder module with the basic functionality of an e-commerce platform. It lacked the ability to support the company’s complex business processes like online program enrollment through the customer portal, price point considerations, discounts, billing cycles, and subscription-based services. This included a series of manual paperwork for price calculations and invoice generation, causing significant time lags in the order to cash process, with error-prone documentation. 

The company was looking to revamp the website and enable a self-service portal for customers to order and tailor their program requirements online, as also automate the invoicing process. A solution to create a custom scheduler, and offer tiered pricing based on the number of enrollments was also a requisite. 


On determining Bar-T’s priorities and requirements, our consultants at NetDynamic recommended the implementation of SuiteCommerce Advanced, layered with a custom application. 

The implementation and configuration involved online store configuration, enabling customer sign-ups, program enrollments, online payments, and invoice generation, all operating through NetSuite. This was followed by configuration and testing of the change order process and advanced customization within NetSuite to enable scheduling of invoices, and deployment of the pricing tier index table to facilitate item-based price calculations. The custom application served as the new website user interface, feeding sales orders into SuiteCommerce Advanced.


Bar-T’s customer portal built through SuiteCommerce Advanced, fully automated their order to cash process, making invoicing, payments, and data tracking, faster and efficient than before. Moreover, a 360-degree account view of each customer helped eliminate manual admin work and data disconnect. 

Having used the NetSuite Site Builder module to manage enrollments for several years, Bar-T unlocked NetSuite’s full value with migration to SuiteCommerce Advanced, configured by NetDynamic. With the new system in place, Bar-T could now renew its focus on core business activities, offering rich experiences through their dedicated programs, bidding adieu to the time-consuming, manual processes.  

“We worked with NetDynamic in a year+ long project overhauling our NetSuite Site Builder site over to Suite Commerce Advanced. Will definitely continue our business relationship going forward. Could not recommend any more.”

Eric Schultz, Director of Information Technology, Bar-T