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Adarza’s migration to NetSuite and the series of custom solutions built by
NetDynamic simplifies their business processes and enhances operations.


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Advance Revenue Module (ARM), Quality Assurance Module, WMS Basic and Advanced Manufacturing Module

Company Overview

Adarza BioSystems, Inc. manufactures a label-free platform technology that enables simultaneous detection of hundreds of analytes in a single drop of fluid. With its unique technology, Adarza is the only solution provider that spans the entire companion diagnostic life cycle from discovery to clinic, in both high-output as also point of care facilities.


Adarza faced an array of challenges with data stored in multiple disparate systems to run the business. Using a combination of custom-built, off-the-shelf band-aid solutions, they lacked a single source of data leading to reporting issues and lack of management visibility. Defining and optimizing their business processes and taking advantage of the capabilities of their fully-functional ERP system was a key challenge for us at NetDynamic.Working with a company in the pre-production stage that did not have all their process fully mapped out, designing their processes for production and post-production (futureproofing), and implementing best practices for Chart of Accounts for the business were also some of the major challenges.


NetDynamic built a series of NetSuite customizations to streamline Adarza’s business operations. Customizations to alert operations staff of upcoming/required calibration, a system to track inventory consumption by the number of uses compared to single-use components, and a solution to report to supervisors that a non-certified employee was not deployed on a work order, were developed. Assistance and support for Shopify integration and data migration from Lab Guru and QuickBooks were provided. A custom item master was also built, as also integration to the company’s in-house software was facilitated.


The migration to NetSuite and custom solutions and processes built for Adarza drastically improved the company’s operational efficiency. With siloed data stored in multiple systems now transitioned into a single repository, the supervisors and managers were presented with an accurate, 360-degree view of the business functions. Integration to the company’s in-house software and creation of the custom item master significantly enhanced one of its core systems of regulatory tracking at Adarza.

“The folks at NetDynamic know what they are doing and have done a
solid job for us so far implementing NetSuite.”
Nakul Tandon, Director of Finance, Adarza Biosystems, Inc