January 17, 2023 | 1pm ET

Join us for a Live Webinar to discover the first and only NetSuite-based Applicant Tracking System – ATS360!

A modern onboarding solution crafted by NetDynamic Consulting, ATS360 is designed to optimize any company’s hiring process, and help source and track candidates, manage job postings, organize the interview process, and hire the right people with 360-degree views of the entire recruitment cycle.

Deep dive into this product demo webinar and witness all the unique features of ATS360 in action.

  1. End-to-end recruitment Management that automates the recruitment workflow with full visibility into the entire recruitment process.
  2. Intelligent Resume Parsing that pre-fills application form fields for candidates and eliminates manual processes.
  3. Career Portal Management for job applications received from the career portal fed directly into NetSuite.
  4. Automated Applicant Email Module and Templates featuring a volley of pre-set and customizable email templates.
  5. SuitePeople Integration that creates new employee records directly into NetSuite and easily integrates with the Job Requisition functionality of SuitePeople.

And much more…

Key Takeaways:

  • How ATS360 manages the entire hiring cycle within NetSuite and does not require third-party integration software.
  • Discover the easy-to-use HR dashboard, making recruiter and hiring manager adoption a breeze.
  • Understand how ATS360 eliminates dependency on software like MS Excel, WordPress, and MS Word to manage the hiring process.
  • Learn ways to optimize recruiter performance by eliminating manual applicant tracking processes through emails, calendars, meeting apps, and websites.

Attend the ATS360 live webinar and gain maximum value from your hiring initiatives!

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