While uncertainty and volatility continue to loom over our economies, the importance of planning, budgeting, and forecasting have become more apparent than ever. Advancing to NetSuite’s Planning & Budgeting solution works as the next best step in such times, to ensure more control, collaboration, and visibility into the company’s financial and operational plans.


Here are the Top 10 benefits of advancing to NetSuite’s Planning & Budgeting solution:


1.     Eliminate all manual processes.

Fully automated financial planning and budgeting processes to quickly produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios, and generate reports within a collaborative space.


2.     Streamline Capex planning

Easily structure capital expenses and their impact on overall expenses and financial statements. 


3.     Automate indirect expense allocations

Gain added insights for your planning process, to understand true profitability, and effectively map operational and financial data together.


4.     Easy travel and expense planning

With a streamlined set of processes, easily build and maintain travel and expense plans, using powerful analytics and built-in intelligence.


5.     Strategic workforce planning

Simplified workforce planning expenses like salary, headcount, and compensation.


6.     Enable dynamic modeling and analysis

Comprehensive integration, including single-click refresh, with Microsoft Office tools enabling Smart View.


7.     Simplified Opex planning

Flexible driver-based planning to help connect your operational assumptions to financial outcomes, encompassing both corporate finance and lines of business within the company.


8.     Integrate financial statement planning

Plan, budget, and forecast cash flow, revenue, balance sheet, and expenses details quickly, and accurately with NetSuite Planning and Budgeting integrated Financial Statement Planning.



9.     Advanced forecast accuracy

Optimize planning and forecasting estimates with a pre-built statistical modeling engine. Also includes Predictive Planning that collects historical data and generates a dashboard, offering prediction values to directly apply to the financial plan.


10.  Valuable decision-making with powerful reporting and collaboration

Comprehensive reporting and analytics for management, narrative, and regulatory reporting, offering a secure and collaborative process for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial reports.


How NetDynamic can help?

NetDynamic has over 150 years of cumulative NetSuite experience and has helped over 50 customers implement and manage NetSuite. An Official NetSuite Alliance Partner, we have the expertise to personalize NetSuite solutions specific to business needs and priorities.  


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