5 Reasons Why NetSuite Warehouse Management System is Right for your Business!

5 Reasons Why NetSuite Warehouse Management System is Right for your Business!

Are inaccurate orders or inventory levels negatively impacting your business? How many manual processes are involved from receiving an order through fulfilling it and recording it as complete? Is your warehouse over/understaffed? What do they do?

When running a warehouse of any kind, whether it be distribution or manufacturing, these looming questions are frequently left unanswered.

But running your warehouse efficiently, smoothly, and most importantly profitably, need not be a stress test. What you in fact need to ease the operational pains is robust warehouse workflows that can be customized to your company’s needs. And this can be achieved through the implementation of a solid Warehouse Management System (WMS) built on the world’s #1 ERP platform – NetSuite. To maximize your warehouse performance and alleviate your concerns, the NetSuite WMS offers intelligent capabilities and easily integrates with your current operational functionalities.

So, here’s 5 reasons why you should consider opting for NetSuite’s scalable WMS:

  1. Inventory Management
    Gathers information from mobile devices and equipment to record inventory movement throughout the warehouse facility. Employees can scan products when they are received and again when saved, selected, loaded, and delivered.
  2. Wireless Administration
    Facilitates fast and accurate order fulfillment. To fill each day’s orders, the picking team can use a highly detailed packing list showing exactly what they need and where it is located.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting
    Documents standard operating procedures to ensure employees follow them at all times and monitor warehouse operations to detect problems. You can then analyze the data collected by the WMS to assess warehouse performance, find areas for improvement, create goals and track progress over time.
  4. Staff Management
    Designs daily plans that assign the right quantity of labor and estimates labor costs. The NetSuite WMS can also be connected to your transportation providers to set up shipping times and locations, ensuring drivers get to the right dock at the right time.
  5. Wireless Administration
    With mobile devices carried by warehouse staff, the WMS module provides everything you need to run efficient storage in combination with typical warehouse activities such as job management, user-specified selection strategies, cycle counting and working orders. The WMS adjusts stock levels in real-time and considerably reduces stock wastage to facilitate fast and accurate order fulfillment.

At NetDynamic, we specialize in offering scalable customizations of NetSuite WMS based on your specific business requirements.

Gain maximum value and ROI from your NetSuite investment with NetDynamic’s NetSuite expertise. For details and questions reach us at 1-888-232-3319 | info@netdynamicinc.com.

NetDynamic Consulting is an official NetSuite Alliance Partner comprising of business professionals, CPAs, and MBAs, dedicated entirely to NetSuite, helping businesses get the most out of their NetSuite investment. With several implementations and post-Go-live engagements in the manufacturing and distribution industry backing us, we are the absolute NetSuite pros, committed to scaling businesses. Get in touch for a Free Consultation to see how we can implement and enhance your NetSuite WMS instance.


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